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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Wednesday....Part 2

The principal of the school took this photo and sent it to me.  I am still smiling over our good fortune of being awarded the BP Energy Grant for the next school year!
After our wonderful in school field trip with 'Awesome Bridges' the students had the opportunity to participate in the Grade Nine Business Fair.  It was a hands-on experience to recognize what a consumer is faced with when purchasing goods and/or services.  They had to make choices to ensure that they had enough money to get what they wanted.
It also gave them the opportunity to practise some money counting and mental math skills!
The 'pie in the face' booth was REALLY popular!  It was an example of paying for a 'service'.
This darling loves her brother, no matter what he looks like!
YUM! YUM!  This 'goods' looks good!
The exchanging of cash...
..enjoying the experience!
In the afternoon, the students were faced with another science challenge!
In groups of three, they counted out 50 straws,
and using a set amount of masking tape,
attempted to create the tallest, free standing structure that they could design.
The discussion, planning, co-operation and sharing was wonderful!
Again, it was an opportunity to put into action, their learning.
This group focused on ensuring that the structure had strong support.
This group was focused on getting the height element.
Science rocks!

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